A Brookfield homeowner got a closeup look at a huge black bear when it decided to climb the front steps.

According to the Patch, Dawn Dodge caught a good glimpse of just how enormous these black bears are until you see them up close. One of those huge animals decided to drop by for a quick visit at Dodge's Fieldstone Road home in Brookfield. Watch the footage:

Mr. Bear boldly approached her front steps and then changed its mind and slowly, lumbering away. Most of the 168 black bears spotted in Brookfield from March 2018 to December 2018 aren't usually that aggressive, but if they're hungry enough, sometimes they'll do what they need to grab a bite to eat.

You have a couple of choices if you see a bear on your property, just leave it alone because eventually, it will just wander away or make a loud racket to scare the bear away. A bear's finely tuned sense of smell will attract him to garbage cans, scraps of food in the yard, compost piles, and fruit trees.

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