First, Lamont said "NO" to opening summer camps, but now he's not so sure.

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On Monday, May 18, Governor Lamont signed an executive order canceling overnight summer camps, and then this happened: It's being reported by Hearst Media Connecticut that the Governor, "Will give the subject another look."

Is the Governor aware that his decision to 'take another look' may be too little too late? Most parents and camp staff have already been contacted that they will need to make other arrangements for the summer.

In March, Lamont's executive order pronounced summer camps as being essential. As soon as that announcement was made, every CT camp from Kent to Killingly began the process of readying their facilities to make them safe by adhering to COVID-19 standards.

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I think opening up summer day camps and overnight camps would be dangerous to both campers and camp staff. Even though coronavirus cases continue to decline, it's the large groups of people co-mingling that pose the risk of coronavirus flare-ups. Here is what the White House coronavirus response coordinator, Dr. Deborah Birx, had to say about large groups at parks and beaches:

There's asymptomatic spread and that means that people are spreading the virus unknowingly. This means you don't know who's infected so social distancing is absolutely critical. If you can't maintain social distancing outdoors, you must wear a mask.

My question to you is, "If given the opportunity to send your child to sleep away camp or day camp for a couple of weeks over the summer, would you feel safe in doing so?"



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