According to Buzzfeed a Michigan woman had to be freed from a folding chair by police officers using the jaws of life after performing in a fetish video.

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She goes by the name Sydney Jo on Tik Tok and performs "stuck" fetishes where ladies get stuck in different items. Her recent folding chair video backfired when she was truly stuck and had to call for help.

According to the report, people pay Sydney about $2 a minute to see her perform.

Listen, if you are into videos where people get stuck in tricky situations, I've got one hell of a deal for you, listen to my radio show (Ethan and Lou in the Morning on I-95) and you can hear me get stuck and unstuck every weekday morning.

I'll insert my foot squarely in my mouth before 7 am, get it stuck, and I'll free it by 10 am the same day and I can guarantee it. I'm not all that flexible either, I use a technique where I apologize profusely for a limited emotional maturity. People really seem to love it and if that is your kink, you'll be very pleased.

NOTE: I'm not judging fetishes.

Now that this statement is out of the way, I can point out that life before the internet had to be very hard for people with very specific fetishes. You'd have to find a person who is "into you," explain a lot of things about your personal preferences, hope they still liked you after the explanation and then convince them, that the fetish is beneficial to them.

That's a lot of work. Today, a smartphone and two bucks saves you a lot of time and energy.

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