One of the first things that my wife and I do when we travel out of state is grab the free local community newspaper in a local grocery store or rest stop. Why? Because I find so much more relevant information in local community newspapers compared to regional or national newspapers.

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I used to love reading the Village Voice before a trip into NYC, the Hartford, New Haven and Stamford Advocate, and Waterbury Observer. Sadly, they've disappeared, gone online, or cut so many local contributors that the irrelevant national news just drove me away. I gave up my daily subscription to the Waterbury Republican-American in 2015 after my mom passed away, and I haven't looked back since.

Living in Waterbury for 50 years, I always thought that we lived in a vastly underserved-by-the-media area when it came to hyper-local news coverage. Sure, murders and massive drug busts showed up on Channel 3,8,30, and 61, but what's up in Oakville? Bethlehem? Now that I've been in Torrington for a year, whew! I thought I was in a news desert before? I feel for you Northwest Connecticut.

The good news that's fit to print is: Two local community bi-weekly/weekly newspapers are coming alive in Winsted and Kent. According to (Thank you) The first edition of the Winsted Citizen has just been distributed around town, courtesy of Winsted's most famous resident, Ralph Nader. Also returning (If they gather enough donations) after 13 years is the Kent News, Inc. "Good Times Dispatch".

I don't pretend to be a journalist, my job is to present two articles a day about something that I care about, like, dislike, or want that day. I don't have skin in this game, and I appreciate trained, professional views conquering subjects that affect my life. Keep the community newspapers alive.

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