According to the News Times Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse made a surprise appearance at a Stew Leonard's in Long Island to promote the sale of his new rosé wine called "Diving Into Hampton Water." The celebrity wine is available now at the Stew Leonard's here in Danbury, the one in Norwalk and the Long Island location.

This is a win all the way around. I love rosé and I love Bon Jovi. Here's the problem though, it had better be good. I love rosé but it is so hit or miss in terms of quality. You either get a fantastic glass of wine or a glass of Hawaiian Punch with alcohol in it. I feel like there is no middle ground with the rosé.

So Bon Jovi, listen up man, this wine HAD BETTER be good. Rosé fans far and wide are expecting the best, because, you, Bon Jovi are the best. I'm gonna try it and get back to all of you with a review soon.

P.S. Why can't you order a glass of rosé at most restaurants? Just ask, ninety percent of restaurants don't have it....just criminal.

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