I am originally from New York, now I live in Connecticut. I have for some time, and I love Connecticut. Comedian/Actor/Podcast host/UFC commentator, Joe Rogan, does not like Connecticut. Here is what he had to say:

First, I must tell you I am a Joe Rogan fan. I've loved this guy's work back when he was on News Radio. I love his podcast, his comedy, and his MMA work.

I have to disagree that Connecticut is filled with despair -- I don't know where he gets that. All I see is happy people in CT, maybe too happy. It's also more than a highway. Maybe he should get off the highway, and he will see some pretty stuff. The "tax sheltering c---s" he speaks of are real and that is hilarious.

What is great about what he said is that there will be people who are offended by it. Those people should jump in front of a speeding city bus. If you can be upset by THAT, you are the worst kind of human. If someone making fun of where you live hurts your feelings, you are not fit to exist. You are too small to ride this ride.

That's the kind of topic that makes me love doing radio. When something like that occurs to me, I cannot get in front of a microphone fast enough. That kind of statement has the desired affect, it makes half the people laugh and the other half poop themselves with anger. It's awesome enough to get a reaction and harmless enough to not lose sponsors.

Joe Rogan is OK in my book and screw it, I hate CT.

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