When I watched "Tiger King" on Netflix, I had expectations and they were damned in a hurry. What I found was laughter, tears from laughter and astonishment that there are sub cultures in this country that I live in and know nothing about. The biggest surprise from the Netflix hit docu-series, is that Joe Exotic missed his actual calling and is the most underappreciated musical talent in America.

Joe Exotic - "I Saw a Tiger"

You need to consume this song (all of his songs) two ways. First, you close your eyes and listen, what you will find is an emotional connection to the man and his words. Second, you open your eyes and watch the video, hopefully you've done your laundry because you will rain piss from  your pants.

Joe Exotic - "Here Kitty Kitty"

The music video features a Carole Baskin look alike feeding her dead husband to tigers. The entire video and song are about how Joe believes Carole killed her late husband and fed him to her tigers and the cinematography is top notch.  Visuals aside, this is a soulful, gritty vocal performance. Chef recommends, I'm chef.

Joe Exotic - "This is my Life"

Strap in for your first big cry of the day.

Joe Exotic - "My First Love"

"My first Love" is a ballad that comes with consequences, feels get felt, old love gets rekindled, and Chevrolet rethinks their entire catalog of digital ads for 2020.

Joe Exotic - "Because You Love Me" 

"Because You Love Me" is one of Joe's more hopeful love songs. The video that accompanies it exemplifies exactly what it looks like when you shoot a music video in front of unsuspecting strangers.


Dig the ginger in the basketball jersey and purple cap. You think anyone told him what was up? Did he sign a DNC (DO NOT DISCLOSE)? No is the answer to both questions because Joe Exotic asks no mans permission.

BONUS - Joe Exotic says Carole Baskin 612 times.



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