From Saturday Night Live to Half Baked to the Ethan and Lou Show, Jim Breuer is the man.

Jim will be at the Ridgefield Playhouse tonight. Get your tickets while you can. Jim came on with us this morning to promote his gig tonight but also to reflect on the dream job he's been doing lately: touring with Metallica. Here's the conversation:

It's pretty damn cool to hear that Jim Breuer is as excited for a Jim Breuer show at the Ridgefield Playhouse as you are to attend one. I've seen the guy many times over the years and two things never change about a Breuer show: he brings max energy and you leave sore from laughter.

If you don't get why Jim is on tour with Metallica, this might clear it up:

That's a great lesson for America's youth. You can turn being a fan of something into a talent that takes you on a World Tour with the very thing you are a fan of. That's as American as it gets. Meditate on that, honeysuckle.

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