According to CBS Sports Greg Williams is no longer the Defensive Coordinator of the New York Jets. The team parted way with Williams today (12/7/20), a day after the Jets lost to the Raiders on a last second Hail Mary.

With just :13 seconds left on the clock, the Jets led the Raiders 28-24 and Williams called a blitz leaving rookie Jets corner Lamar Jackson, alone, one-on-one on the outside covering Henry Ruggs III. Ruggs has world class speed and ran a 4.27 second 40 yard dash at the NFL combine last year.

The elements aligned to create one of the more dramatic finishes in NFL regular season history with Ruggs scoring on a 46 yard pass from Derek Carr to take a 30-28 lead with only :05 seconds left to play, the Raiders would win the game 31-28.

I learned of the firing just about an hour ago and immediately flipped on a sports talk radio show that I like to listen to. They referred to Williams blitz call as "malpractice" which I am here to tell you, sounds a lot like an overreaction and a bit of a stretch.

I happen to be a professional level over-reactor so I would know. The ending was pure magic for me as a Las Vegas Raiders fan and felt relief more than anything. You see I was knee deep in several trash talk battles yesterday during the game.

It's not enough for me to waste an entire day watching football, I feel the need to enter in word wars and do a ton of social media around the game. My neighbor happens to be a Jets fan so he was all too happy to start up with me yesterday visiting my house wearing a Jets cape.

When the game was over, I tried to return the favor but Ricky was in hiding so I left him a silver and black surprise.

Not only did I turn the game into a three ring circus by my pregame predictions and analysis were on point. I said Darren Waller needed to and would have a good game, he had a record day. I said Henry Ruggs needed to and would get a home run ball, he certainly did and I said the Raiders would score 33 and they scored 31.

This is the audio of me doing my predictions on Facebook Live moments before the kickoff.

I'm just delighted with the outcome all the way around. The Raiders win, the Jets lose and I was right.

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