Jeff Daniels' film career is as good as it gets. He has starred in projects like Dumb and Dumber, the News Room, The Looming Tower, Pleasantville and now, he headed to the Ridgefield Playhouse soon, and he can add the Ethan and Lou show to his resume.

Is this one of the cooler conversations I've ever had? Yeah, it is. I will call today a good day at work. Where would I rank it? Good question. Here they are:

1 - David Crosby - All of the many interviews we've done with him have been good.

2 - Chad Smith - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Huge fan, cool guy, great sense of humor. He delivered.

3 - Jeff Daniels - Yes, Jeff cracks the top 3 with this interview.

4 - Adam Sandler - This would have been #1 but the morning show was not mine at that time. I was a short part of an interview with him back when Ethan had a different morning show partner.

5 - Rowdy Roddy Piper - He was my favorite wrestler as a kid. We had him in studio. He was so forthcoming, interesting and kind. I asked him to punch me, I don't know why. He said "no, you will die." Instead he offered to choke me out, I accepted, he did indeed cut off the blood flow to my brain and I was unconscious. True story.

6 - Kevin Bacon - We had him twice. So nice and surprisingly funny.

7 - Eddie Money - In studio, one day I'll put the Eddie Money story in my autobiography that no one will buy or read.




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