The Wallflowers are coming into the Ridgefield Playhouse tonight, and I had the chance to speak with the band's singer/songwriter, Jakob Dylan, on my show yesterday afternoon.

I don't often get intimidated by Rock star interviews, but this is one I really sweated a little bit. First off, I've been a big fan ever since their breakthrough album came out so I really wanted to get it right. Plus, anyone whose last name is "Dylan" is a little daunting! So I definitely tried to prep this one with some good questions.

As it turned out, my apprehension wasn't needed, as he seemed to be in a great mood and gave me some good answers about how he approaches a headlining show versus an opening act slot (tonight's Ridgefield show is a night off from their current tour with Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie,) a long-rumored album of covers that he's been working on, and whether it really feels like 20 years since the band hit it big with the Bringing Down the Horse album!

The show is tonight at the Ridgefield Playhouse. Tickets are available here or by calling the box office at 203-438-5795. Check out the interview:

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