One of the great things about living were we do is that during this time of year, we are treated to some spectacular fall foliage.

At least that's what usually happens, but this year, we seem to be a little behind schedule. If you haven't noticed, it's already mid-October and most of the leaves are still on the green side, or just starting to change. So what's up? Where are the colors we look forward to every fall.

I did some research on why the foliage is behind schedule and found that some sources like are still calling for an amazing foliage season, and have tapped this weekend (October 14th and 15th) to be peak foliage time. Obviously, they didn't get the memo from Mother Nature.

I did find some answers that do make some sense, thanks to the Connecticut Agriculture Experiment Station in New Haven. Apparently, no one told us, but the season seems to have started about two to three weeks later this year. This late, warm weather means peak foliage is about three weeks out for the Litchfield Hills, a month out for other inland areas, and five weeks or so away for the shoreline.

Just keep in mind, a delay in the fall foliage in no way shape or form will mean that winter will be delayed as well.

If you can't wait for the colors to change, then check out this video of some of the foliage from last year around Greater Danbury:

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