I love when towns have Restaurant Week. You can usually find a pretty good deal, because most of the menus are fixed prices.

Newtown will have their Restaurant Week from Monday September 26th - Sunday October 2nd this year. This is an event that includes quite a few popular restaurants in the town and is sponsored by different local businesses.

This is a good chance to try a restaurant you have been thinking about trying or visiting one of your favorites. It helps to bring business to the local restaurants as well.

Here are some of the restaurants participating in Restaurant Week:

  • Dere Street
  • My Place
  • Cover Two
  • Figs
  • Nouveau Monde Wine Bar
  • The Villa
  • Sweet Mango
  • Franco's
  • Sal E Pepe

For a full list of restaurants you can visit their website newtownsandyhookeats.com and they also have a section for frequently asked questions.

Will you be taking part in Newtown's Restaurant Week?


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