Every once in awhile, I like to scour the "Missed Connections" section of Craigslist for the Greater Danbury area. I go for the laughs, the tears, the threats and to see what everyone's into these days. Summer 2020 has been busy for folks looking for love or a rendezvous around these parts and these are some of my favorite entries from the last few months.

It's a Summer of Love For Greater Danbury on Craigslist 'Missed Connections'

Editorial reaction/corresponding links:

It's my understanding the "BBW" stands for Big Butt White. Danbury is a decent spot to search for the big, delicious rear ends these days. The evolution of fitness over the last fifteen years has been astonishing. So much (unnecessary) attention/time used to go into trying to get a flat belly. What we are seeing these days, is that energy has shifted to squats and pumping up the butts. Danbury is a hot zone for squatting, so I think this young man may be at the beginning of a fruitful adventure.

Does a bear s--- in the woods? I don't know, but they certainly seem to like to swim nude in Carmel, NY.

Spelunking is a dangerous hobby, so it's important you take the proper precautions when engaging in this activity. Here are some helpful safety tips I borrowed from a Travel Channel article about cave diving. You should bring enough food/water, wear a helmet and have as little gear on as possible.

It sounds like unless you are willing to house this man in the luxury he is used to, it's best to stand down New Milford.

Hide and Seek is a fun game and this sounds like it has the potential to be a good time. I would caution the one individual to hide anywhere but their silver sedan, I'm pretty sure the other person is going to look there first. They are onto you with that one.

Summer (2020) has been a hot one but the forecast is calling for even hotter temps on Craigslist, happy hunting kids!

UPDATE: Below is the discussion we had about this very article this morning on the Ethan and Lou Morning Show.

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