When stores and businesses close we have a heads-up. Maybe it's a month or two or sometimes it feels like the 'going out of business sale' lasts forever, and in this case if you want to cash in on some major deals then jump in your car now because it's closing time already after the late August warning.

According to the Franknez website, this particular Walmart, which is already an inexpensive place to shop overall, is liquidating like crazy with 75% off of everything. I can literally hear that phrase 'everything must go' running through my head right now.

This surprise announcement came two months ago according to CT Insider and actually isn't the first for Walmarts this year according to Franknez.com around the country to shut down. this time it's just hitting close to home at 680 Connecticut Avenue in Norwalk. As you can imagine, people are enthusiastically taking advantage of insanely low prices. The stores last Facebook post was this one below on September 3.

Now if you're not aware, and I certainly missed this water cooler chit-chat, according to CT Insider, a new Target has been tossed around as the new tenant for this space but nothing has been confirmed. I'd say it's going to happen for sure. According to Evizda.com, plans have been submitted for Target to take over. That's about as close to confirming it as you can get without hearing a confirmation.

While Walmart has promised jobs at other locations to all of its employees at this Norwalk Walmart, shoppers who love the less expensive prices at Walmart will either have to get ready to spend a few more bucks at Target or find another Walmart.

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