urban archaeologist youtube video image
urban archaeologist youtube video image

It's like a scene right out of a Twilight Zone episode. It's an abandoned Southbury, CT neighborhood, and it's a story we have been following over the last year or so. Now we have the latest update.

It's almost post apocalyptic. An entire neighborhood with dozens and dozens of modern type homes has been left completely abandoned. Up until recently, the roads have been well maintained. The lawns were mowed and even the fire hydrants were painted. Pathways and storm drains were kept meticulously clean, yet there's no one for miles.

The property once served as housing for the staff of the Southbury Training School, and according to Wikipedia, the school stopped accepting new residents in 1986, but in the years that followed, much of the staff had been let go, so the neighborhood was abandoned.

When we first broke the story about this neighborhood, we met the guy who calls himself the Urban Archaeologist. Two years ago, he did his first video at the site, then went back after the area was vandalized. Now he's done his third video at the site after rumors spread that the houses were going to be demolished.

So is the State of Connecticut getting ready to level the area? We reached out for comment from the Urban Archaeologist, and here's what he told us:

I'm going to go back and see if demolition has begun. I do not have any information as to what the future plans are for the area.....but, I'm going to approach someone and actually ask them. I'll have more information, hopefully, about the fate of this place.

So while we're not sure what the final outcome will be, you can be sure we'll have the latest updates for you, and as soon as we know you'll know.

Here's a look at the first two videos shot by the Urban Archaeologist. Notice how the area has deteriorated over the last few years:

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