Do you find yourself running to the bathroom hoping you make it in time?

I call it 'Grumbling Stomach Syndrome' which is followed by the 50-yard dash to the nearest bathroom. I'll admit it, I currently may have some issues in that department but I may have found the cause of my GSS. It could be a new outbreak of E. Coli.

An article on the website is saying that public health officials are warning all humans not to purchase store bought chopped romaine lettuce. If you have purchased the lettuce anywhere in the United States and it's in your frig, throw it away now!

Recently, Fresh Foods Manufacturing based in Freedom PA recalled 8,757 pounds of prepackaged salad products because it might have been contaminated by E. Coli bacteria.

I shouldn't be making fun of E. Coli because it's absolutely no joke! E. Coli produces a toxin called Shiga which can destroy red blood cells and cause bloody diarrhea that's severe enough to put you in the hospital.

What should you do if you think you may have been infected with E. Coli bacteria? Click on and follow their directions.


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