Now that Diner Luxe is closed in New Milord, folks are wondering what might take it's place.

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That intrigue built up to a fever pitch when residents reported seeing a sign that said Krazy Vin's coming soon on the outside of the building.

Krazy Vin's was a New Milford Gentleman's club back in the day and the sign created a lot of buzz around town. We asked New Milford Mayor Pete Bass about it when he joined the I-95 Morning Show on Wednesday (5/17/23).

The question that is top of mind in New Milford is, is Krazy Vin's going to be going into Diner Luxe anytime soon?

"So, Krazy Vin's, It was a great practical joke. For those that have been in New Milford for quite some time there was a gentleman's establishment here named Krazy Vin's that is no longer here for a number of years. Someone decided to put a sign up on Diner Luxe which currently entertaining some leased space there and it was a great joke. There were some people who took it for it being real. I had a lot of phone calls and texts and I just let them know that this was a practical joke and you know, it was very creative in design let's just say." 

New Milford
New Milford

Did it bring back memories for you? 

"Hahaha, I didn't go to the Krazy Vin's in New Milford." 

Let's just say there was a lot of chatter about it on the New Milford Facebook page and a number of popular Facebook posts on the topic. My favorite post came from Jones Ian who wrote:

"If someone thought Krazy Vins was coming back to Town should they be allowed to vote on the $100 million+ Town and School budget?"

That post had an interactive poll asking the question, these are the results as of (5/17/22);

  • No. Just No - 70%
  • Yes - 5%
  • Yes but there vote only counts as half a vote - 4&
  • When's Opening Day - 17%
  • If they dance, they vote - 4%

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