Are you sick of Holland House cooking wines too? I always thought it was odd that I could buy small bottles of White and Red Holland House products in Connecticut grocery stores, but they're forbidden to sell the real deal. Isn't it time to allow wine sales in grocery stores too?

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I saw the sign you see in the photo above last night at Big Y in Torrington, and it really stuck with me. The Connecticut Food Association is trying to raise awareness about this issue with their campaign CT Wine Now. Who is the Connecticut Food Association? You may know them better as Caraluzzi's, Stop & Shop, Big Y, LaBonne's, Whole Foods, Adams, Market 32, and Highland Park Market, to name a few.

Did you know that Connecticut is one of only a few states that doesn't allow wine sales in grocery stores? 42 US states do allow it. Why not here?

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I love to cook, and I'm so sick of making that extra stop at the packey. Sure, many packs are located within feet of grocery stores, but I want my one-stop-shopping. Does every grocery store in Connecticut have to purchase a stand-alone building for their beer, wine & liquor sales? Like Stew Leonard's did?

For a state that is on the cusp of a flood of recreational marijuana dispensaries opening up, is this issue something important enough that our representatives should consider in the next session? Show your support at We got our Sunday sales of alcohol in 2012, is it time for us to be able to buy a nice bottle of Robert Mondavi or Yellow Tail with our Stouffer's French Bread pizzas?

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