Question, could a pasty white 68-year old rapper revolutionize the music business?

I didn't think so. Recently I discovered a photo of myself in this fine looking Halloween costume from some years back dressed up as an over-the-hill aging hip-hop artist. On December 22, I posted the photo on both my and I-95's FB page asking if anyone might have a suggestion for my new hip-hop name? My FB page went crazy ass! "Thank you" to everyone who decided to play along. The following are some of my favs.

  1. Gangsta G-PA (Kelly Gleacher Edgerton)
  2. E to the C Money OG (Eric Moss)
  3. DJ Dusty Nuts (Tommy Utko)
  4. E Coli (Geri Griswold)
  5. MC Cassette (Johnny Love)
  6. Elmer Thug (Charlie Matlin)
  7. Lil Bumpus (Erica Reyes)
  8. Wheezy Money (Chuck Marshall)
  9. DJ Geri Tol (Bill Katzig)
  10. White Bread (Kevin Cuatt)
  11. MC Incontinence (Donald Olsen)
  12. Old Dog E Dog (Richard Northrup)
  13. Too White Shakur (Jim Fairchild)

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