"Wash Me" is the classic go-to thing to etch into the dirt of your friend's car when it is filthy.

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That was not enough to make the point for someone in Danbury who has a love for comics and a talent for drawing. Recently I was cruising the Danbury Reddit page and found this post from r/Batman and cross-posted by u/jsnelson21 that was shared in  2019.

Now you know it was probably like 20 degrees out when this person made the etching of Batman, so that takes dedication. It also takes a lot of talent, they must have gotten done in a short time period. Assuming it's a stranger's car, you've got to move fast. No one wants to get caught diddling someone's car with their finger outside the 7/11 in Danbury, you could end up in a world of hurt.

I'm calling on the artist to turn this into a movement, it's a no harm, no foul situation. The art washes off, it sends a message and it's cool to look at. Whoever is behind this should reach out to me, I have big plans for us.

You do the tagging this winter and I'll distribute your work here for all of Danbury to see. We can come up with different themes, some coded messages and even provide prizes to car owners who post it on social media, once they realize their car got the high end "wash me" treatment.

This thing has legs but we've got to have our ideas in a row before the winter comes. Let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!

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