It's state tournament time here in Connecticut, and that means some student athletes really kick up their game to the next level.

This is just what happened on Monday in a state class M semi final matchup between  Granby and Seymour.

Whenever you get deep into a state tournament like this, you're seeing some of the best teams and some of the best players competing for the state title and that means you're going to be bringing out the best in some of the players, while others, who may have just blended in during the regular season, surprise you with some outstanding plays of their own.

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Let me set up the scenario leading to this incredible play. According to, one of the Seymour High School batters hit a foul ball that was heading towards the home team dugout near first base. Two of the Gramby players, first baseman Haley Kaczka and catcher Reagan Winn took off after the ball as it started to fade and head back into the stands. First baseman Haley Kaczka reached over the fence but wasn't able to fully make the catch. What she did next led to the amazing play that might be one of the best catches you'll ever see.

Kaczka got enough of her glove on the ball to flip it back towards the field where an alert Reagan Win was waiting. She reached out and dove for the ball thus making it possible for us to witness one of the best catches we've seen in some time.

The catch was so incredible that it actually made ESPN's SportCenters Top 10 plays for Monday, June 7.

Unfortunately for Gramby, despite the great play, Seymour went on to win the game 4-3 to advance to the Class M State Championship Game.

Here's the catch now, I'll bet you watch it more then once. Enjoy.

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