In October of 1950, legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock was in Danbury, CT shooting scenes for his new movie, "Strangers on a Train."

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When it comes to modern TV and film, I like to think I have a good handle on such things but I had no idea this took place in the Hat City. I learned this from a Facebook post from October 2023 by Jim Stoops that read:

"A scene from Alfred Hitchcock's, Strangers on a Train, was filmed at Danbury Train Station in 1950." 


His post checks out, it really happened right here in the D-Block. Stoop's post also woke up the Facebook users who shared their own memories

Rev Pat Kriss wrote: "In Strangers on a Train, there is one scene shot at the shop that's on the corner of West Street and Main Street, right across from the Civil War monument. . In the background you can see our church, First Congregational Church." 

Anotonio Lopes Lagarto said: "The movie Rachel Rachel was directed by Paul Newman and his wife was the star of the movie I met them in the building on Osborn St. that was being used for rehearsals and indoor scenes!!"

Pat Ganio Wallach: "A group of us went to the train station to watch. We saw Farley Granger step off the train . He lit a cigarette and several girls ran to retrieve the match. True story."

Tom Michael said: "My friend Walt Brosz was was the guy carrying the bags off the train in the movie. Hitchcock hired him when he saw him working at the train station. I met Walt several years after the picture was made. He was a mailmen in Danbury than." 

Stan Madayda: "The Danbury Railway Museum has a small exhibit including some candid photos taken by a student from the college. When the Museum was just getting started a couple of us accompanied a Hitchcock enthusiast over to Hancock Hall where one of the where one of the railroad workers that was an extra was residing. He shared a lot of information but I don't think we ever got the transcript. Apparently Hitchcock liked the location because of the curved track and canopy."

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I've never seen "Strangers on a Train" but I'd always heard about it. Most of Hitchcock's work is famous but this movie is the one I've heard referenced the most.

"Strangers on a Train" starred:

  • Robert Walker as "Bruno Anthony"
  • Farley Granger as "Guy Haines"
  • Patricia Hitchcock as "Barbara Morton"
  • Ruth Roman -as "Ann Morton"

The movie was released by Warner Brothers in 1951 and it was deemed a success at the box office and by most critics.

This is the plot description according to IMDB:

"A psychopathic man tries to forcibly persuade a tennis star to agree to his theory that two strangers can get away with murder by submitting to his plan to kill the other's most-hated person." 

I love old movies and TV but it always comes with a side effect. After watching old film I walk around speaking with the old-timey movie accent. I don't know what made folks say "Yeah see" or" "hey there fella" but I wish it was a thing still.

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