You know how I like to pass the time while I'm in New York City? I watch taxi cabs as they roll by, hoping to find Ben Bailey and the Cash Cab. He's coming to Norwalk, I hope he brings the cab.

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The American version of Cash Cab debuted on the Discovery Channel in 2005. The series flamed out in 2012, was revived in 2017, and moved to Bravo in 2019. Overall 13 seasons and 487 episodes have been produced to date. Now you can catch the reruns on The Game Show Network. If you've never seen Cash Cab, give it a shot, it's great, The host Ben Bailey semi-disguises himself and drives around Manhattan picking up potential fares. Bailey then surprises them with an offer to be on a television game show that's filmed right in their specially-outfitted taxi cab. Bailey is one of my favorite tv game show hosts, he's snarky, but professional, and genuinely appears hurt when he has to kick out contestants after they've failed. Currently Bailey hosts a show on NatGeo called Brain Games. Here's a great moment from the show that Bailey posted to YouTube -

I've spent countless hours since 2006 wandering about in New York City, trying to catch a ride in the Cash Cab, hoping to catch a glimpse of a bald driver with crazy LED lights  in it, to no avail. I might have to go to Norwalk this weekend though, on Saturday night, April 29, 2023, Bailey is booked to appear at Norwalk's Wall Street Theater for a night of stand-up. I hope you're ready to be my 'street shout out'.

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