According to Very Well Mind, Phasmophobia is the fear of ghosts and doctors say it can be hard to diagnose. Phasmophobia's is often related to Thanatophobia (fear of death), those who have Thanatophobia will often have a fear closely associated with death, an accessory fear if you will, like Phasmophobia. If you have Phasmophobia, it's probably in your best interest to move out of Connecticut.

You know the names; Dudleytown, Fairfield Hills and Holy Land USA just a few of the many, suspected, haunted places in the Nutmeg State. All three of those locations are in close proximity to one another. You could probably wake up early in the morning, visit all three and be home in time to watch Jerry Springer. The fact is CT is famously haunted, assuming you believe in such things.

If I had a fear of ghosts, I'd get the hell out of here. Not only is the State dotted with reported paranormal activity but even the normal houses look haunted. If there was an organization that determined the creep factor of a State based on the way it looks, CT would get a Grade A.

Connecticut is so creepy right now.

P.S. Dudleytown is is Cornwall, CT, I tell you that because the town, all but shut down my investigation into their haunted parcel last year. They don't want anyone reminding anyone else, where it is. I'll do anything I can to piss off the Town of Cornwall, since they pissed me off. Go there, investigate. 

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