Results are in from the Fairfield Hills Community Survey. Are condos/apartments an option?

From 1931 until its closing in 1995, Fairfield Hills Psychiatric Hospital (Fairfield Hills) housed up to 4,000 mentally ill patients when filled to capacity. Originally, the hospital was created due to overcrowding at Connecticut's two other state hospitals. The facility opened in 1931 to house criminally insane patients inside 16 buildings, all connected by underground tunnels.

Many stories have been passed down for years regarding the former psychiatric hospital. Paranormal investigators, psychics, and abandoned-site explorers have claimed to find evidence of hauntings and strange goings-on, but none of those stories seem to be based on much truth.

From April 15 to May 15 of this year, Newtown residents were asked to fill out the survey online so the Newtown Master Plan Review Committee could "get the pulse of the community." The results of the survey from Newtown residents have recently been made available. 1,824 respondents chimed in about the Fairfield Hills complex.

Top 5 Favorable Options

  1. Band Shell
  2. Small Food Service
  3. Town Green/Pedestrian Plaza
  4. Small Retail Shops
  5. Restaurants

Top 5 Least Favorable Options

  1. Multi-Level Parking
  2. Light Industrial
  3. Banks/Retail Estate Offices
  4. Large Corporate Offices
  5. Health Services Center

In regards to the construction of condos and/or apartments, 75% of the respondents deemed them unfavorable. Complete survey results can found at

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