This is probably something you haven't thought about since you were a kid, but have you ever wondered if you could dig all the way down to the other side of the earth where you would end up?

Remember when you were young playing in the yard and every time you would dig a deep hole, someone would always say, "keep digging and you'll wind up in China?"

Well I think we all know that's not always the case. First off, it would be pretty much impossible to dig that kind of hole. According to, the amount of drilling tools and explosives you would need would barely make a dent in your hole. Plus, there is the pressure that exists and the Earth's crust -- the entire global nuclear stockpile probably wouldn't even make it through that.

Alright, I think I've proved a point. Now let's see where you'd actually end up if you were to dig a hole directly through the Earth starting right here in Danbury. First off do not attempt this at home (like you were really going to give it a shot).

For our imaginary purposes, there is a site called that actually will show you where you would wind up if you were successful and could dig to the other side of the world. So, you see? I've done all the dirty work for you.

Antipodes Map Image

If you type Danbury, Connecticut in the search bar of the site, it will automatically show you where you would come out on the other side, and it looks like you'd better wear a bathing suit, bring some type of life vest or flotation device and be ready to swim a long way to get to land.

Antipodes Map Image

Our trip through the center of the Earth would bring us out in the Indian Ocean, miles from the coast of Australia. So after all that digging, I'm sure your entire body would be so drained, there's no way you could swim all that way to get to dry land. Also, once you opened the hole at the bottom of the ocean, the water pressure would probably shoot you right back to where you started in Danbury.

Not to mention the after effects once that trek is complete and all the water rushes back through the opening. I'm sure we're talking about a flood of epic proportions. Who knows -- the entire space/time continuum could be disrupted.

See this is why I warned you earlier not to attempt this yourself. But at least now you know where you would wind up. And just in case you do decide to try to pull of the impossible, here are five items you might need:

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