In the major pro sports, region usually is the leading consideration for fandom. Typically with the NBA, NHL and especially Major League Baseball people root their city. With the NFL it's very different, hell, I'm an Oakland Raiders fan, does that make any sense?

If you really think about it, we were never given the choice. There are people like me who have a team that is very far away and the rest just chose the Patriots, Giants and Jets. If you like football, you just picked a team. What if you did have the option?

What if CT got a pro football team, not a relocation of the Patriots or any other existing team, but its own team, would you root for them? To make the question even more difficult, you can no longer root for the team you always have.

The more I think about it, the more I lean towards saying I would be a CT pro football fan and a die hard one. I could go see a game in person, every once in awhile for less than $4,000, the games are always on TV and maybe, unlike my team, they could beat the Falcons. I think I have to say yes and I'm a little bit ashamed of that but it just sounds so pleasant and convenient.

Here's where I lose you and start to reconsider my own choice, CT is piss poor at decisions of all kinds. There is no way we wouldn't allow a criminal of some sort to be the team owner, the uniform would be so ugly, the name would be embarrassing and their stadium would be in Bridgeport.

I can see it now, Joe Ganim would own the team, they play in Bridgeport, are called the Constitutions and the uniform would be brown and yellow. I change my vote.

P.S. Please someone do up some graphic arts magic and make me a logo for this nightmare team.

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