If you're old enough to remember the Doublemint Gum commercials, then I'm sure you remember this classic early 70's commercial.

It was 1973, the country was in the middle of a gas crisis, can you say odd and even lines, it was also the year of Watergate, and the Amazing Mets, "you gotta believe".

It was also the year that Wrigley's Doublemint gum celebrated their Centennial, and filmed the ad to commemorate the occasion on the New Milford green.

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The gum company was famous for using twins in most of their TV ads to coincide with their brand, Doublemint, and their slogan, seeing double. The advertising department quickly capitalized playing on the word “double” by including twins as their spokespeople.

The Doublemint Twins used in this particular commercial were June and Patricia Mackrell, who, according to historydaily.org were originally signed and did some TV commercials for Toni Home Perms. Once they were approached by Wrigley's to appear in their commercials, they couldn't pass up the opportunity because being a Doublemint Twin was a more prestigious job.

This particular commercial was supposedly set in Anytown, USA, but if you look closely, you can see the band shell on the green, and you may even recognize some of the extras in the commercial, which has now become a nostalgic moment for those who were living in New Milford at the time.

Now here's a look at the now infamous Doublemint New Milford commercial, the song may be a little campy, but remember it's now almost 50 years later.

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