Every year it feels like we look forward to Memorial Day as a time to come together. Around here, there's one tradition that hasn't been stopped. As we've done every year since the 80's, i95 will be counting down the Memorial Day 500 all weekend long.

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We'll start the countdown today (Friday) afternoon at 4 PM and roll it all weekend. We'll wrap up with this year's #1 song late Monday afternoon right before 7 PM, just as you're wrapping up your weekend. What song will it be? Where did your favorite song come in on the list this year? Listen all weekend and find out.

We put a lot of thought into the countdown every year, and take into account local and national airplay, requests, and overall timelessness. We know you take it seriously too. Every year we get emails splitting hairs about how some favorites were chosen over others. We're so glad you pay that much attention and respect the music that much, so enjoy the journey with us all weekend.

You can crank us up in a variety of ways all weekend long: tune into the radio, the i95 rock mobile app, our website, or through your Alexa. While you're enjoying some much-needed time with friends you haven't seen in so long, or just cranking up the boom box in the back yard, treat your neighbors to the countdown too.

We've got the soundtrack to whatever you come up with as far as celebrating. Have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend and thanks for spending it with i95!

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