i95's March (Now April) TV Madness rolls on and we've made it to the Sweet 16 of the greatest TV shows of all time, as voted on by you. Here are the Sweet 16 match-ups, please select your picks in the poll below -- vote or die, vote or cry.

Bracket HQ

With a lot of debate back and forth about seeding, match-up and match-up choices, what we are left with is one exciting second round, and a list of shows so respectable, some might have to reel their comments about the bracket back in. If you look at where we are right now, it sets up some insanely difficult Elite Eight face-offs.

If you are just joining us, you may want to question the seeding. How can Everybody Loves Raymond be an 8 seed for instance? It's actually the first 4 seed, and the Honeymooners isn't a 4 seed, but one of four No. 1s, it just happened to be the fourth overall seed when the bracket was generated. Here is the original bracket for reference:

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