Writing about the Miss Universe Pageant in this way is already like an out-of-body experience for me.

Watching the pageant was like going back in time. It was as if all the work the women of America have done to level the playing field was thrown out while I ate beef jerky and soaked it up.

I always get uncomfortable when I'm watching the part of the pageant when ladies answer questions about how they would like to improve the world. It seems like they should know the question is coming and yet, none of the contestants seem prepared for it. I cringe watching them answer this question. It's also is an unfair question, in my opinion. Do any of us know how to fix the World's problems? On the surface, it seems like a simple question, but it's rather complicated. I challenge anyone to answer that and not sound stupid.

Last night, I felt like a creep watching this. Rooting for bad answers or for someone to fall. I feel like they (these young ladies in the pageant) think they are being held up on a pedestal, but it's actually the opposite. It's the first time I looked at a beauty pageant on a deeper level.

I was sitting there, waiting for them to fail. That's worse on the objectification scale than just sitting there looking at their bodies and judging them. I know I am not the pig people think I am, but I can say that I was not proud of my instincts while watching this. Starting today, I will do better. I will stop rooting for people to fail... Right after I watch this video one more time, that is:

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