Fish & Chips originated in England, and is often considered Britain's national dish. Well, we love it here in NEW England too. We call it a fish fry, and it's on menus everywhere around Connecticut.

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Have you been served fish that was cooked in old oil? Overcooked? Cheap Tilapia that fell off the back of a truck in Hartford? It's the worst. I expect Cod or Haddock when I order it, or catfish if it's a Southern-style or Cajun-boil restaurant. Inconsistency kills me. I did enjoy the fish & chips at Waterbury's Clam Digger (RIP) the first couple of times that I ordered it there, but man, the last time we went before it closed, I took one bite of the fish and spit it out. It was awful. I'm guessing that's why they closed.

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There are three restaurants in Connecticut that served me perfect orders of superior fish & chips every time.

I Never Had a Bad Fish Fry at These Restaurants In Connecticut

I'm a sucker for fish and chips, if it's on someone's menu, I order it. it's been one of my favorites since the glory days of Arthur Treacher's. Around Connecticut, some are bad or inconsistent, but these three restaurants are superior.

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