My cousin's wife is from Brazil, and has told me amazing stories about how ridiculous Carnival is. She said, "you can not imagine a celebration like this You can not imagine the things you see, the experiences you have." She's right, I can not even imagine it. Why is that?

Because I have not been to anything even close to it. I'm the guy that goes to the "cool place" well after the "big thing" there is over. I'm the guy who gets to Florida two weeks after "Spring Break" just happened, and I have to hear the stories from the locals. I'm the guy who books a trip to New Orleans the week before Mardi Gras. I'm the guy who gets to Tampa three days after the Super Bowl. I'm even the guy who misses the great thing that happened at my favorite bar, hears about it, and tries to go back the next night hoping it will happen again.

This is what happens when you pay no mind to calendars and don't plan well. You not only fall short professionally, but you miss some of the most epic parties the world has to offer. This makes me sad to know that my brain was wired this way. For all the partying I've done, you would think at this point in my life, I might have made it to a good one. Sadly, I have not.

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