CT is going to the roundabout more and more as traffic increases. New Milford, CT was smacked in the face with this unusual traffic pattern back in 2018 when the Still River Drive roundabout was put in place.

People are still trying to figure out the rules of the road on that because it's not a common thing in this part of the Nutmeg State. Here are the guidelines from the CT Department of Transportation.

They say:

  • As you approach the roundabout, yield to any pedestrians and bicyclists crossing in the crosswalk.
  • Yield to all circulating traffic at the yield line.
  • When sufficient space to enter traffic occurs, enter the roundabout.
  • When you reach your destination, use your right turn signal to let other drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians know that you are exiting the roundabout at the next exit.
  • As you exit the roundabout, yield to any pedestrians and bicyclists crossing within the crosswalk.

"When you reach your destination, use your right turn signal to let the other drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians know that you are exiting the roundabout." That's what I didn't know had to be told to anyone living in a society. Why does that have to be a rule when it's just the the simplest thing that should occur to any driver? .

The roundabout, in my opinion, is terrible. It's caused more confusion and anxiety than any other traffic setup in my adult life. I got to know the roundabout traffic pattern when I was a kid going "down the shore" to Seaside Heights.

I drove my first roundabout "down the shore" as a young man, going with friends to Seaside Heights. Then, in my late 30s, they added them on Rte. 55 in Dutchess County.

When the roundabout was put in place on Still River Drive in New Milford, CT, I felt like I was attacked. "They" came and injured my home greatly. We don't need circles to make a four-way stop work out. This is America and we can take turns, those who cannot figure out how to share can and will be dealt with.

This country is so soft now. No one wants to chip a tooth when someone acts up or have their teeth knocked out when they cut the line. The roundabout is the "participation trophy" of road designs.

Please get me off this planet.

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