I took the above photo Wednesday of last week. The one below I took this morning.

Lou's phone
Lou's phone

That wheelbarrow will definitely be in the back of Ethan Carey's Nissan Versa (pictured below) next week, should I choose to photograph it again.

Lou's phone
Lou's phone

I don't want to get bogged down in making fun of my friend and suggesting he's lazy, especially because he's not. But I must say a few things that will sound a lot like I am calling him lazy and they are as follows:

  • You are 67-years-old and you bought your first wheelbarrow? How is this possible? He's avoided manual labor well into his sixties, this is a quality life.
  • He bought a wheelbarrow that he needs to put together. He was unlikely to use "the barrow" had he bought one fully intact. The fact that he has to put it together means it will NEVER be used.
  • I set the OVER/UNDER at 10 months before this wheelbarrow is used. I take the OVER.

Now onto why this is such a classic "Ethan" maneuver. He is a problem solver, a man who does not sit on his biscuit, never having to risk it. Ethan sees a problem and he analyzes it. He knows there is work in the yard. He says to himself, "I will need a wheelbarrow for this," and then, he starts the phase of work he loves best: research.

He researches prices of wheelbarrows fully intact, he researches prices of wheelbarrows that require assembly and finally, he researches the price of having someone else do the work.

In this case, he found that the most cost effective way to move forward was to do the work himself and buy a wheelbarrow he could assemble. Only one problem: he loves chillin' way more than putting together wheelbarrows that, once intact, will only lead to less chillin'.

Fast forward to two months from now:

  • Parts of wheelbarrow are still clogging up the back of his car, and he needs that room to put his DJ equipment in the car.
  • He will take the wheelbarrow pieces out and put them in the garage.
  • Mindy will see the pieces of the wheelbarrow, yell at him that he wasted money AND the work will never get done.
  • He will hire someone to do the work, they will come and do it.
  • He will ask me if I want a free wheelbarrow, I'll say, "hell yeah."
  • I'll never go get it, because like Ethan, I value chillin' above all else.


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