The Ethan and Lou Third Annual Second Chance Prom is coming! It's Friday June 22nd at the Amber Room Colonnade in Danbury CT. Tickets are just $35 and that includes appetizers, a buffet dinner, your first two drinks free, and a night of dancing to the music of Juice Box.

I need a co-host/date for this MEGA event, so I asked around:

By the way, how confusing is the title? You have the Ethan and Lou third annual Second Chance Prom. So this is the third time you have had a second chance? Quick math tells me that this will likely be your sixth chance to attend a prom — that's right, right? Or no, no, no, you don't multiply the chances by the annuals, and then add your original prom. That makes no sense. You have your original prom, which is 1, and then you add the three chances we gave you, which comes to 4. So maybe we call it the Ethan and Lou Fourth Chance Prom?

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