I'm always on my kids case about playing too many video games, but lately, I don't have a leg to stand on.

For years, since I was a teenager, I just did not play video games. The last few years off an on, however, I have been playing Sim City Build It. It's a management game. That's funny, because I can't manage real life, so why should I take on being a fake city planner?

I am, however, REAL good at it. I have a 100 percent approval rating from my fake citizens. I've even learned a few things. I learned that while growth is important, you must grow slow and thoughtfully. You need to have a plan, build your infrastructure and then grow. You need fake cash in the bank for unforeseen expenses. Now, if I could just implement these things in my real life, that would just be terrific.

One thing that is frustrating about this game, is the bodies of water. You can see that mine in the photo have recently grown dry spots and it's driving me nuts. Anyone know how to fix that?

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