It was the evening of February 28th, 1979 when I met Pammie during my first evening air shift ever on I-95.

She was fresh out of college, cute as a button, and already rockin' the overnights at I-95 and I had just been hired from WCMF in Rochester for evenings. Pam Brooks was not happy. She really wanted my job and she made that crystal clear. Honestly, in hindsight, she really did deserve that evening air shift.

From L-R: Buzz Knight, Jim Schultz, Pam Brooks, Tom Zarecki, and Cass

After weeks of not speaking to me and knowing it wasn't really my fault, we became fast friends which hasn't changed in almost 40 years.

Pam and I partying at my daughter, Allie's Bat Mitzvah in 2002
Pammie, Bob Mordente, and Matt Carey

From I-95, Pam went on to bigger and better things as the midday jock and Music Director at WPDH in Poughkeepsie and then moving on to that same position at WHCN in Hartford. In June of 1999, Pam Jam Brooks came back to where it all started, right here at I-95.

I-95 Sings the Friday onstage at the Ives Concert Park

Not only has Pammie been one of my dearest friends, she's been my 'work wife,' my confidant, and the keeper of snacks when I was hungry. I've learned she hates it when I leave my cereal bowl in the studio. I've learned she will not let me pour a cup of coffee until the coffee has finished brewing and over the last 19 years I've learned how passionate she is about her listeners, her friends, and her husband, Ray.

Pam and Ray

Most importantly, I've learned that when a friend like Pam Brooks comes along and tells me she's moving to Florida (Florida you say!) to start a new chapter, I'm not saying, "Goodbye, have a nice life." I'm saying, "I'll see you soon" because next winter Mindy and I are crashin' the condo baby!" Good luck my friend!

Pammie, Ethan, and Mindy