That's right, I-84 grabs first place as the most dangerous road in Danbury.

Each year, the University of Connecticut compiles a report of crash data called the Connecticut Crash Data Repository (CCDR). The data is collected by town and city police departments and state public safety and transportation departments.

An article on reports that the Danbury stretch of  I-84 takes the honors of being the number one most dangerous road in Danbury. According to the CCDR, there were 2,902 car crashes in the city and 403 of those happened on I-84. Other Danbury roads roundeding out the top five were:

  1. Route 53 - 190 crashes
  2. Route 37 - 149 crashes
  3. Route 806 (better known as Danbury/Newtown Rd.) - 141 crashes
  4. White Street - 141 crashes
  5. Route 6 - 129 crashes
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Whatever you do, DO NOT attempt to drive I-84 on any Friday afternoon from 4 p.m. until around 7 p.m. Whenever I try and merge into traffic from the on-ramp off North St. there's always that idiot who's made the decision to fly up the shoulder of I-84 going 55 mph.

And then there's that other moron driving a BMW 3 Series Sedan who's decided to use three lanes of stop and go traffic as a slalom course.

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