Driving I-84 eastbound through Danbury during the afternoon rush is an absolute nightmare. I'm sorry to say that the traffic situation won't be improving anytime soon.

An article in the NewsTimes reports that there's no end in sight to the traffic problems on the over-used I-84 in Danbury. The good news? Three major I-84 construction projects should be completed by year's end. The bad news is that there are a bunch of short-term projects in the works, slowing your ride down.

Why all the small construction projects on I-84? Because the state doesn't have the cash to widen the highway, which is why it takes four days to get anywhere during the afternoon rush hour! The state's plan was to add a lane of traffic from the New York state line to Waterbury. That 30-mile-long stretch of I-84 would cost around $4 billion, and Connecticut simply can't afford it. Here's what it looked like back in my younger days.

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According to Danbury Mayor, Mark Boughton, the projects causing the most headaches and delays are the reconstruction of the I-84 interchanges at exits 5 and 6, along with the widening of the adjacent Rt. 37. On a busy Saturday, it could take up to a half-an-hour to reach the entrance to I-84 East if your driving south down Padanaram Road.


BONUS VIDEO: Sweet Time-lapse Footage From a Dash-cam on I-84

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