A bear had to be euthanized after it broke into a Torrington home to grab a bite to eat.

According to the Hartford Courant, a female black bear weighing in at between 45-100 pounds was searching for food when she saw what she was looking for on a kitchen counter at a Winsted Road home. The bear proceeded to push in a screen window to get to the food but the resident called Torrington police.

As the bear was leaving the home, DEEP responded and made the decision to euthanize the bear. There has been much discussion on how to control Connecticut's bear population which continues to grow at about 10% per year.

DEEP has been encouraging residents NOT to leave food out on kitchen counters and outside in an unsecured garbage pail. Bears have gone after hikers and some have wandered into cars, most of the time scavenging for food. It also appears that some bears are not only looking for food but are also exploring new hobby opportunities.

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Sportsmen's groups have been lobbying lawmakers to legalize bear hunting in Litchfield County but animal rights activists have consistently shot it down. In the meantime, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection keep preaching to the general public that if you spot a bear, make as much noise and motion as possible to scare it away. If you surprise one of these critters, back away slowly.

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