It's a sign of the times and a sad thing that there has to be a list like this, but when it comes to our children, you can never be too safe.

Before you send your kids out on Halloween, you might want to use this on line tool to find out where registered sex offenders are living.

If you're a Connecticut residents you can check your local area just by accessing the Connecticut Sex Offender Registry and searching to see where any known registered sex offenders live. The registry's information is the most up to date available, and will help you locate the homes your kids should avoid.

Most people have no clue if a person is a registered sex offender, that's why this tool is such an important service for parents. I just did a search of a 5-mile radius around our radio station and was amazed that I found 12 sex offenders listed.

Connecticut does have laws that sex offenders have to follow on Halloween. As part of being able to live in the community, convicted offenders are required to sit in their homes Halloween night with their lights off to avoid any contact with children. They are not allowed to decorate for the holiday, nor are they allowed to hand out candy, or even answer the door.

The State of Connecticut also sends out a team of probation officers to check on area's where sex offenders live.

Police also remind parents to supervise your children when Trick or Treating. Remind them that they should never enter someone’s house, and that they should always wait outside and never be alone when knocking on a door.

It may be a lot of work, you know checking the sex offenders list, and following all the safety precautions, but we want you and your children to have a happy and safe Halloween.

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