For 145 years, the iconic Newtown flag has shown its stars and stripes as a symbol of freedom as it looks over Main Street.

Because the massive 100-foot steel flagpole sits in the middle of Route 25, motorists and the cars they drive appear to be attracted to the pole, as evidenced by all the car crashes that have occurred there over the many years. In fact, the intersection is one of the top three locations for car accidents in Newtown.

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I find myself asking the question, "Why is it so difficult to maneuver around the flagpole?" It seems simple, but to others, apparently not because I am an excellent driver, excellent! In case you haven't seen Rain Main, here's that reference:

News Times recently reported that Newtown Police Capt. Christopher Vanghele completed a five-year study of accidents at Main Street, Church Hill Road, and West Street. After potential solutions were discussed, Newtown decided their course of action would be to do nothing, and I agree. This intersection has been studied over and over again for years. No one has died, no pedestrians have been struck, and there have been no serious accidents. In my opinion, it comes down to some drivers not knowing some of the simple rules of the road.

With that, here are the proper driving techniques one should use when navigating near Newtown's iconic flagpole in order to avoid smashing into a local landmark:

  • When turning left onto Church Hill Road traveling south on Route 25, you approach the flagpole, switch on your left turn signal, ease PAST the flagpole, and make the left turn. The simple rule is, when you're making a turn, the flagpole should ALWAYS be on your LEFT.
  • When driving Route 25 north towards the flagpole, turn right onto Church Hill Rd. Again, the flagpole will be on your LEFT.
  • When approaching the pole from Church Hill Rd. to make a left-hand turn onto Route 25, stop, look both ways to make sure the coast is clear, then ease past the pole on your LEFT and make the turn and keep saying to yourself that you're an excellent driver.
Newtown Flag - Ethan Carey
Newtown Flag - Ethan Carey

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