It does not have to be this exact outfit but it must be over the top, inappropriate and suggestive. It could be the above photo or this one.

Or this one.

Bobby Deal

Or if you are a dude, you go this way.


The number you pick will tell everyone a lot about how you feel about your job. So, what is it? Does $5,000 get it done? Are you a 5-figure person or a 6-figure person? You have to know going in that people are going to be super mad at you.

If you are a lady who shows up half-naked, the women will hate you and some men will pretend to be outraged as well. You are likely going to get fired, so maybe you just go for it and add some dirty dance moves into the night as well.

Let's just assume this is a game that would only be played, by people willing to lose their job and go from there. If you are willing to get fired, you are likely willing to do something like this in exchange for big-big prizes. What's your number? Holla if you hear me!

P.S. If you say no one would do this, you'd be wrong. I'm just waiting for someone at my office to dare me and it's on. I will make our Tuesday night company Christmas party really uncomfortable.