The uproar over the EpiPen spike in price went from parents concerns, to school concerns to even Congress weighing in. What has the maker, Mylan, have in store to fix the issue?

In it, I told you that one senator’s daughter is the CEO of Mylan, which is the company responsible for the major price gouge, another senator’s daughter needs the drug, and another Senator - Richard Blumenthal - who helped write legislation about the use of the EpiPen in schools, is outraged by the price hike.

During the outrage, over the fact that Mylan has increased the treatment’s price 400 percent in nine years, the EpiPen two-pack went from a hundred dollars in 2007 to more than 600 dollars today, the company indicated it would bring a cheaper version to market soon according to a story on published August 29th.

On October 3rd in a  follow up article on, Mylan is now saying a less expensive version will be available by the end of the year, months later than the timeline Mylan Pharmaceuticals laid out.

When you consider that if a person is having an allergic reaction, the allergy shot from the EpiPen is a life-saving drug, the actions of Mylan are unacceptable and unthinkable.

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