Every year at this time, the night sky gives the gift of the Perseid Meteor Shower. So what do you need to do to best see it in the Connecticut sky?

Experts say it's at its peak tonight and tomorrow night. The farther away you can get away from artificial lights and the city, the better, and as with most celestial events, your best viewing times happen after 11:00 pm.

According to NECN, the sky can flaunt from 50-100 meteors per hour, but the moon will adversely affect this year's show. Being that the moon will be nearly full this year, the extra light can inhibit your ability to see Perseid at its most magnificent.

Weather will also have an impact on viewing in New England. While tonight and tomorrow are supposed to be the best viewing nights from a weather standpoint, they say Sunday night will be prime time for us.

I always say we need to spend more time looking up and not down. I'd participate, but these showers are way past my bedtime.

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