For awhile the world was naming kids after crayons, next people took tried and true names and added vowels or consonants where they did not belong and now this. The hottest baby name trend today is to name your baby after an herb or spice.

Forget naming your child after their grandfather or grandmother, family tradition be damned, you can name your kid after the unsung heroes of meals. Maybe they will grow up to be a relief pitcher or studio musician, who knows?

DISCLAIMER: That was a good joke but it's important to point out that I think relief pitcher and studio musicians are A-OK. I'd love to do either job, really I would.

According to Huff Post, herbs and spice names are all the rage and it shakes out when you look at recent Social Security Administration Data. That data indicates names like Poppy are very popular right now. Obviously those people are not Seinfeld fans and have no idea what they are about to subject their child to.

These are the three most popular herb and spice names according to the report:

1. Sage

2. Juniper

3. Jasmine

Those are not bad, I must admit they are pretty, pretty, pretty good. If you are having a child and considering an herb or spice name please watch this. Below you will see "Poppy" and you will learn, he's a little sloppy.

If you named your kid Sage or Juniper, Jasmine or Poppy, if you are a studio musician or a relief pitcher and are offended, I don't know what to tell you, I get it.

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