I love horror movies, I love this region and I always believed the Greater Danbury area would make a great back drop for a horror film.

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So, when I saw that there was such a movie in production, I just about leapt out of my chair. I am the co-host of a radio show in the area called The Ethan and Lou Show on I-95. One of our listeners Paul Gibbs sent me a teaser trailer for a movie called "Candlewood" that has been on Vimeo for year. In the teaser trailer, it's made clear that New Milford and Candlewood Lake would play a big part in the film.

Candlewood Teaser from amerikana media, inc on Vimeo.

Take my money!!! Immediately, we got to work trying to find some of the folks behind the film. It was posted by Amerikana Media so we started our search online, and then we started getting DMs and text messages. We knew some people who knew some people and before you know it we were communicating with one of the people behind the film, his name is Myke Furhman. I asked Myke to tell us more about the movie, and he agreed. Below is a transcript of that conversation.

The story of your name LOL?
So the "y" is an easy story... in like 4th grade or so, there were three "Mike F.'s" in my class.  My teacher said that someone had to be "Michael" and someone else could go by their middle name (I know, strange demands to make upon ten year olds, but it was the 90's so anything goes I guess).  Well no little kid wants to be "Michael", but I didn't want to go by my middle name "Vaughn", so I just proposed a spelling change.  She thought I was a genius negotiator and gave in to my demands.
My nickname, "Foo", comes from high school math, where I irritated a teacher and he was ranting "you never do homework, you never take notes, you don't even have a pencil!".  So I dug into my bag and said "Sir, I have a pen, I just don't use it."  As he snapped around to say, "Myke F--- You!", he caught himself, and what came out was, "Myke Fooooooooooo".  Since then, even til this day, I have people who just call me "Foo".
Did you grow up around here? 
Born and bred New Milford!  Shoutout Gaylordsville, 06755 represent!
What is Candlewood about?
Candlewood is about a family who moves from New York to Connecticut (a rarity, I know).  The family dynamic is fragile, a dad and his daughter + mother and her son, living not-so-happily ever after.  The family starts to experience some oddities - both in terms of people and events that transpire.  Without spoiling too much, their already rocky family vibe is thrown into chaos by a local urban legend and... well... crazy things happen.
How long has it been in production?
Writing started mid-2021 and development/pre-production started earlier this year.  We're close to the finish-line on fundraising and are seeking some final equity stake investors while also giving local residents a chance to be a part of the production via- an IndieGogo campaign.
Who is behind this project Candlewood?
Our executive producer is Victoria Flores, making this the first Latina led horror feature production team ever.  She actually bought a home on Candlewood a few years ago, so her and I are both creating this picture as New Milford residents.  She co-wrote the film along with Joseph Patrick Conroy (a NYC based writer/director).  I am leading production locally and will also be assistant director, meaning that I'm assembling the team and the logistics behind creating the film and also running the set during production.  Also producing alongside me is my production partner George Weiser, who is also our Director of Photography.
Why use New Milford and Candlewood Lake as the setting for this film? 
According to the first movie I ever saw, there's no place like home!!  Truthfully, we love this town and want to do what we can to put it on the map.  Victoria actually asked Mayor Pete Bass if we should make it a fictional town ("New Kent" was a thought), but the Mayor said no way, keep it in New Milford!
You mentioned one of your colleagues passed away and that delayed production. We're sorry for your loss, can you tell us a bit about them?
Bedhan Ball was a former tech entrepreneur turned filmmaker who had successfully made five low budget feature films into profitable ventures.  The film is being dedicated to his memory.
What is your professional background? 
I'm an Emmy Award winning producer who started his career with CBS Sports, did a stint at Comedy Central and finally went on to become an independent producer and established Myke Foo Media, based in downtown New Milford.  I work on all kinds of content - commercial, television and film.  I'm a partner in a production company called World's Greatest who focuses on making content with Olympic athletes.  When not on a big production I like to work with local small businesses and non-profits to create world class video content at affordable rates.
Do you have any other projects we may be familiar with?
As far as stuff created locally, and since we're talking horror, I create some really fun projects with Harrybrooke Park every year to promote their Haunted Trail!  We're about to drop some really cool stuff for this year as well.  Recently, I served as Assistant Director and Editor for a feature film "The Thursday Night Club" that filmed in New Milford this past spring.  Previously, I've had a few Track & Field / Olympics focused shows on ESPN, one of which that filmed in New Milford, starring Sports-center legends John Anderson and Kenny Mayne.  And of course, I co-host a buddy podcast with Billy Buckbee, recorded at our Main Street studio - called "The Bar Is Low with Myke and Mo".  I think your listeners will like it :-)
Do you have any other projects in development?
Candlewood is actually the first of three films we're trying to do based in New Milford, as part of a horror franchise.  I'm also in the midst of production on a documentary called "Super. Human. Stories.", the current iteration follows Devon Allen, an Olympic hurdler who recently signed with the Philadelphia Eagles, we've been following him for a few years documenting this journey.

This is the initial conversation we had about the movie on the Ethan and Lou Show on Tuesday (8/23/22).

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