Do you have visions of Quinoa and Mesclun dancing in your head? Is your ideal meal covered in vinaigrette and croutons? Did your doctor tell you to lay off the fried and processed food?

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I'm with you. For every 10 pizza and hamburger restaurants in Connecticut, you'll be lucky to find 1 "healthier" eating establishment. I love finding an old-school salad bar, or an inventive salad while I continue my search for "The Perfect Meal." A salad bar is heaven to me. Maybe I feel like eating a plate of cucumbers and oil & vinegar, or a mound of chickpeas covered with bacon bits, diced onions, and creamy ranch dressing?

Here's a list of some of my favorite places for salad around Connecticut, hop to it.

Hop Along On The Connecticut Salad Bar Trail

Connecticut restaurants are always championed for their pizza, seafood, hamburgers, and hotdogs, but I want a great salad for my entree more often than not lately. If you're sick of the meat sweats, here are some of my favorite places around Connecticut to get a great salad, or graze along a beautiful salad bar.

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